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At Iwai Fitness we cater to each person individually. Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to exercise and diet. You wont get a “cookie cutter plan” from Iwai Fitness period. Personal evaluations with diet and exercise for you body to adapt to help keep you going on your new journey.

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12499per month
Ready to get to it? Lets do it!! Quick diet plan and workout regiment based on your personal goals to get you on your path to a better you. Have a few pounds you want to drop quickly? Want to tone those muscles and learn how to eat accordingly? Then the jump start is for you. High intense training (HIT) with cardio and diet.


24999per month
Ready to dedicate your self for the long haul? Monthly plans available based on your personal goals you would like to achieve. Fat loss, building muscle and eating the rite way for it. These programs are strictly based on your body type and goals. Everyone is different therefor each plan is designed around you.

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